It’s time again for Saint John to get hit with a good old fashioned March snowstorm.  I would say it’s a little early since St. Patrick’s day is Friday nevertheless the weather waits for no one.

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Wednesday Clients!
Our Team will be around on Tuesday to collect your garbage.  If you are one of our client’s who doesn’t have have a cart to put your garbage in and you place it curbside, please put it out tonight.  If you put your carts out the night before – please put the out tonight for pick up tomorrow.

What if we miss you?  We come back – FOR FREE and you won’t even have to place a call to us BUT we somehow do miss you we would be more than happy to come back FOR FREE.

We are hassle free and take pride in providing our customers with top notch quality service.

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We have a solution for you! We have containers of all shapes and sizes to take care of any job. Contact us for more information and to tell us your situation!